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We help businesses grow with the power of Generative & Responsible AI.


LotusAI offers Generative AI and Responsible AI consulting services, targeting many people and companies, ranging from senior executives and leaders in large enterprises to scale-ups, start-ups and unicorns to provide human-centric transformations and innovations. 


The services include accelerating business growth, ensuring data governance, talent transformation, executive coaching, and promoting diversity and inclusion. With almost three decades of experience from our CEO Didem Un Ates, LotusAI's human-centric, trustworthy and thoughtful approach empowers businesses to maximize & increase their potential.


We partner with

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Our Purpose & Values

We aspire to be the world’s foremost advisory in guiding businesses towards impactful AI and GenerativeAI strategies, leading with a human-centric approach.

Our mission is to cultivate positive, human-centric, and compassionate change with impact, encouraging a society where innovation comes with empathy and understanding.

We stand out with our 26 years of experience in the industry, offering a human-centric, trustworthy, compassionate and professional approach. Our strong empathy and extensive professional network enable our clients to engage in deep and trusting conversations with us.


About Didem Un Ates

Didem Un Ates is an AI, Generative AI and Responsible AI executive with 25 years of background in management consulting (Capgemini, EY, and Accenture) and industry (Motorola, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric).

She recently served as the Vice President, AI Strategy & Innovation, for Schneider Electric.


In addition to defining Schneider’s AI/ Generative AI Strategy and innovation roadmaps, her charter covered strategic partnerships, with startups/VCs/PEs, academia, Data & AI upskilling, and Responsible & Sustainable AI.



Need help with innovating and transforming your business with AI?

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