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Alice envisions the future

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LotusAI Ltd proudly champions social impact through initiatives like "Alice Envisions the Future," "Girls in AI," and "Imagine Cup Junior" hackathons and bootcamps. These programs are designed to inspire and unlock the potential of young minds and encourage the participation of underrepresented groups in technology. "Alice Envisions the Future" invites participants to reimagine their world with AI, fostering creativity and innovation.


Meanwhile, the "Girls in AI" events aim to empower young women with the skills, confidence, and support they need to excel in AI and technology fields. Through these initiatives, LotusAI Ltd is committed to breaking down barriers, nurturing a diverse generation of tech leaders, and shaping a more positive and inclusive future.

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Alice by Microsoft has been the inspiration for many other hackathons and has evolved/integrated into various programs.

See those below:


Didem Un Ates has shared her insights in Fordham University London.

"We had the pleasure of hosting a thought-provoking panel discussion titled "AI & the Future of Finance and Work," led by the Vice Chair of the Fordham London Advisory Board, Gregory Minson. We extend our gratitude to our esteemed panelists Didem Ün AteşDr Andrew McLennan, Greg Minson, and Jamie Woodcock for sharing their invaluable insights and observations on the impact of AI."


Didem Un Ates has joined David Shrier's AI Ventures class as a guest speaker at Imperial College Business School.


Didem Un Ates has joined the career panel with the Huntsman Program students from the University of Pennsylvania.


Didem Un Ates had spoken about Metaverse at the Westminster School, London.


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