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Innovating Responsibly, Leading Compassionately.

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At LotusAI Ltd, we stand at the forefront of AI, Generative AI, and XR innovation, committed to shaping a positive future with inspiring thought leadership, evangelisation, and mobilization efforts. Our focus extends beyond the cutting-edge technologies themselves to encompass how they can be harnessed for the greater good, ensuring advancements are made with compassion, ethical considerations and societal benefits at their core.


By "Innovating Responsibly, Leading Compassionately," we aim to inspire a movement towards responsible innovation and compassionate leadership in the tech, AI/ Generative AI, and XR community. Through our dedication to sustainable, responsible, and inclusive AI & XR practices, we champion a future where technology uplifts humanity, drives progress, and nurtures an inclusive society for all.


Best gift to Our Kids? Ensuring Their GenAI World is Responsible and Sustainable

According to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute, 30% of hours worked today could be automated by 2030 – and a significant portion of this figure would be accelerated by generative AI. 


Who's Responsible For Responsible AI?

Didem Un Ates highlights the pivotal role of 2023 in advancing responsible AI, particularly with generative AI technologies. She reflects on the challenges and legal implications faced by companies, emphasizing the collective responsibility of individuals, corporations, and governments in ensuring AI's ethical use.


AI Governance Alliance:

Briefing Paper Series

In an era marked by rapid technological transformation, this briefing paper series stands as a pivotal point of reference, guiding responsible transformation with artificial intelligence (AI).


Schneider Electric’s Journey to a Generative AI Future

The company’s leaders recognize that a GenAI transformation requires a transformation of business processes and people development. The initiative has yielded some early lessons:


Voices in AI: 

A Conversation with Didem Un Ates

Byron speaks with Didem Un Ates, the Senior Director of AI customer and partner engagement for Microsoft about Artificial Intelligence.


Diversity in Tech:

Why it's Imperative

During this episode, Ben and Didem sit down to discuss diversity and the responsibilities of leaders in the tech space as the industry develops.


World Economic Forum

AI Governance Alliance

Didem Un Ates spoke for the "AI: Nature's Ally" session stating as, 'we have a lot to do, but I could not be more impressed, confident, and optimistic about what this alliance can and will achieve.'


Responsible AI & Risk Summit

Didem Un Ates, the founder of LotusAI, have spoken at the keynote panel of the first Responsible AI and Risk Summit.


Enter The Metaverse Conference


Didem Un Ates, the founder of LotusAI, have spoken at the Enter the Metaverse Conference about the future of learning and Metaverse for education in 2022.

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